Main activities

In this page, you can find the main activities done along the project classified in six grous according to the character they are related with. Besides, we have add another category for general activities.

Fernando Zóbel

Spain (1924-1984)

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María Montessori

Italy (1870-1952)

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Roald Dahl

Wales (1916-1990)

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Mikolaj Kopernik

Poland (1473-1543)

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Jan Amos Komensky

Czech Republic (1592 - 1670)

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Ruta Meilutytè

Lithuania, 1997

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Kahoot (02-11-17)

What do you know about our project figures? Do you understand the main concepts? Let's play and discover your knowledge. A good way to introduce the project to our youngest pupils.


Etwinning workshop (27-11-17)

 The Etwinning ambassador in Cuenca, Marta Pena, visited our school (CRA Elena Fortún) to share with us all her knowledge about this platform. She helped us with the organization of our Twinspace and showed us the possibilities Etwinning offers to teachers. 


ICT seminar (11- 12- 17/ 05-03-18)

The responsible of teacher training in CRA Elena Fortún  organised a three months seminar about ICT in order to improve our knowledge about the use of different platforms and applications which were going to be used along our Erasmus project. It was a really good way to introduce innovative activities in our classes. The seminar combined face-to-face sessions with online activities and was supported by the Regional TeacherTraining Centre (CRFP)  of Castilla La Mancha.


Once upon a time... Europe (02-05-18)

On 2nd of May, was the premiere of the play "Once upon a time... Europe" written by the librarian of Villar de Olalla, Juan José Alfaro for our Erasmus project. The play was represented by the 4th, 5th and 6th graders of the school and was a great success.

The abstract of the play is the following: Zeus, represented by a marvellous white bull, decides to  kidnap the young Europe to entrust her a difficult job: to join a very beautiful continent which will take her name, EUROPE. To help her to achieve her goal, Zeus creates four muses, Tolearnce, Effort, Imagination and Soildarity, who will always be with Europe. The inhabitants of this old continent will try to get closer through their cultures but a group of horrible Black Men will try to prevent it. Europe, helped by the muses, faces a difficult task: to create from a thousand different cultures, one only Europe.

The play was represented four more times in different places and it was part of the selected plays to participate in the II Performance Art Show of Castilla La Mancha which took place in the Auditorium Theatre of Cuenca on June 5, 2018.

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