ZŠ A MŠ MUDR. EMÍLIE LUKÁŠOVÉ (Ostrava)                                                                         

The Primary school of MUDr. E. Lukasove is located in Ostrava – the third largest city of the Czech Republic. It provides elementary education for all children (class 1 to 9), from the age of 6 to 15. Our school is divided into 1st and 2nd grade. There are 400 children at elementary school. The current number of pupils is 400. Students learn different subjects (Czech language, mathematics, foreign languages - English from 1st class, German and Russian from 7th class, and science subjects). Children are evaluated by mark from 1 (the best) to 5 (the worst). The school has a school educational program which is set by the Ministry of Education. There is 9 school years compulsory attendance in the Czech Republic. Lessons usually start at 8:00am and ends at about 13.00 pm., when the students go for lunch to the school canteen. Younger pupils (1st grade) often attend after-school club. Older pupils (2nd grade) continue in the afternoon classes. Children can also choose from other clubs (sports, music, arts). The school building is divided into 3 sections and a gym. There are many special classrooms – two science rooms, IT classroom, language classroom, library, music classroom. Our pupils are extremely competitive and they are mostly very successful in many regional and state events. Primary education is completely free of charge in the Czech Republic. Pupils only pay for lunches at the school canteen. 25 teachers (mandatory university graduates) teach at our school and also a school psychologist and a teacher´s assistant work there. The school is run by a municipality, which finances its functioning. The resources for school salaries are sent by the Regional Authority (Ministry of Education). The school provides support for pupils with various handicaps (dyslexia, dysgraphia, speech therapy ...). After the end of compulsory education, pupils in the 9th grade pass the entrance exam for secondary schools or grammar schools. One part of our school is also school canteen (650 meals a day), school club (for 150 pupils) and nursery school (120 children from 2 to 6 years). The school year begins on September 1st and ends on June 30th. During the school year, students have shorter holidays (autumn, Christmas, spring) and the main 2 months summer holidays. Pupils participate in excursions, exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances. Also short trips and longer health stays (ski courses, outdoor schools) are organized.